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Food Quality vs. Calories and Macros: Which One Matters More

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Food Quality vs. Calories and Macros: Which One Matters More

Which one matters more?

In the past, I have attended the Como Wellness Conference and the Physique Summit. Both were packed with useful information, but the overarching themes couldn’t have been more different.

The Como Wellness Conference focused on local organic foods and gave little attention to calories. The Physique Summit emphasized the importance of individualized calories and macronutrients while giving little consideration to the quality of the food.

For the past 10 years, I  have heard arguments for both sides and have been a proponent of both styles. However, issues can arise when the end-user hears only one approach. We’re tempted to place ourselves in one camp and oppose the other approaches.

A better solution is to become educated in both approaches and then decide which tact to take by asking a simple question:

“What is my goal?”

When you can start with a goal in mind, it will act as a sieve to filter out which tools are appropriate to use.

For some, counting macros and tracking meals is vital to reach their fitness goals, for others just eating a little smarter can have a huge impact on how they feel and reaching their goals.

The Physique Summit was geared more towards individuals that want to achieve a low level of body fat. 

If body fat is a goal then calories and macros are very important.

The CoMo Wellness Conference was geared more towards major health issues. 

There were lectures on chronic illness, autoimmune issues, and diabetes. If you are having major pain or dealing with an illness, then food quality can change the quality of your life.

These approaches aren’t diametrically opposed, they’re just two different tools you can have in your arsenal. In fact, when the situation calls for it, you can utilize both tools at the same time.

Want to get leaner and be as healthy as possible?

Then both approaches are important.

But you don’t have to take it to such extremes. I doubt I will get the majority of my clients to weigh, measure and track all their food. I also doubt I will get all my clients just to eat local organic food.

What I can do is educate clients on how excessive calories (even if it’s local and organic) will lead to you being overweight and unhealthy. I can also teach you that if you don’t look at the quality of your food,  there is a good chance you will be lacking in minerals/vitamins that will over time lead to a lack of energy, increase in inflammation, and decline in mental health.

When pursuing a lean healthy and happy lifestyle, there are many pieces to the puzzle. It’s important to build up your knowledge and use the right tool at the right time. 

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