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Client Conversations with Coaches - "My Metabolism is Broken."

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“My metabolism is broken.”

Client Conversations with Coaches


If you’ve ever said or thought that sentence on your weight loss journey, this article is for you.


The second installment in our Client Conversations with Coaches series, this article lets you witness a scenario where one of our skilled Evolved coaches helps a client who believes:


“My metabolism is broken.”


Let’s get right to it.


This scenario opens with our coach and a new client meeting for their first Behavior Coaching session. In these sessions, our coaches bring the science of behavior change to the field of fitness so our clients have an easier and more enjoyable path to lasting results.


Let’s listen in.




Coach: Thanks for coming in today.

I always appreciate the courage it takes to walk

into a potentially intimidating space like a gym for the first time.

How was the tour?



Client: It was great.

The whole staff here is so welcoming and supportive.

I’ll admit, I was a bit apprehensive to walk in,

but now that I’m here I have to tell you,

this is different than any other gym I’ve been to.

I feel like I belong here.



Coach: I’m so glad to hear that.

We work really hard to make fitness accessible

to everyone so I’m grateful to hear

such complimentary words from you.

Thank you.

Now, let’s turn the focus on you.

What can I help with today?




Client: I want to lose weight

But I have a problem.



Coach: Please tell me more.



Client: I think my metabolism is broken.

I’ve tried dieting several times in the past

And I think I’ve broken my metabolism.



Coach: I appreciate you sharing that with me.

With your permission, I’d like to offer a different perspective.  



Client: Sure.



Coach: Human beings are amazingly adaptable animals.

We can eat a huge variety of foods and

live in a remarkably vast array of environments.

The very survival of our species throughout history

has depended on our ability to adapt to various different stimuli.

And in that same vein, your body adapts to the different stimuli it’s exposed to.

So, although certain diets may result in an undesirable adaptation to a stimulus,

it doesn’t “break” your metabolism.  



Client: So you’re saying?



Coach: Your metabolism isn’t broken.

It’s just adapted to what you’ve been doing.

If we want a different outcome,

we just need a different approach.


Client: Like what?



Coach: That will depend on what you’re currently doing.



Client: You don’t already have a plan?



Coach: I have principles that all effective approaches include

but I don’t have a plan for you yet

because I need to know more about what you’re currently doing

so we can create customized strategies that actually fits your life and your goals.



Client: I was expecting you to churn out

some meal plan or macros for me.



Coach: Nope.

I definitely have the skill set to do that,

but that approach rarely works.

Instead of trying to fit your life into some sort

of predetermined plan,

you’ll be better served with customized strategies

that fit your life and your goals.



Client: But what about my metabolism?



Coach: I’ve worked with other clients coming from similar circumstances

and having similar goals, and we’ve seen results together,

so I’m confident you and I can start making real progress.



Client: Okay. What’s our next step?



Coach: Let’s start exploring what you’re currently doing

so we can begin creating strategies that fit your personality and your life.



Client: Alright. This is different than anything I’ve ever tried before.

I’m excited to see what’s next.



Coach: Let’s get started then.



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