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Client Conversations with Coaches - "I've tried everything."

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"I’ve tried everything."

The Coach and Client Conversation Series



If you’ve ever said or thought that sentence on your weight loss journey, this article is for you.


The fifth installment in our Client Conversations with Coaches series, this article lets you witness a scenario where one of our skilled Evolved coaches helps a client experiencing that very obstacle:


“I’ve tried everything.”


Let’s get right to it.


This scenario opens with our coach and a new client meeting for their first Behavior Coaching session. In these sessions, our coaches bring the science of behavior change to the field of fitness so our clients have an easier and more enjoyable path to lasting results.


Let’s listen in.



Coach: Thanks for meeting with me.

We intentionally have these Behavior Coaching sessions

as distinct meetings off of the gym floor

so we can have a dedicated time

to craft customized strategies for you

and you have the bandwidth to absorb the info.

We’ve been doing this for years

and have found this to be the best way

to consistently produce results for our clients.

So thank you for taking the time out of your schedule

to prioritize your goals and your fitness.

Let’s start with the big picture.

What’s the goal?




Client: I want to lose weight but I’m so frustrated.

I’ve tried everything.

You name it and I’ve done it.

And still, I don’t see the results I want.



Coach: I’m sure that is challenging,

Putting in the effort and not seeing the results.

Can you tell me a bit more?



Client: Yeah. I see a program that promises great results.

I start it with the best of intentions.

I can stick to it really strict for a while.

And then life gets in the way and I veer off a bit.

That little bit turns to more and more until I’m right back

to doing my former previous routine.



Coach: Alright. Thank you for sharing that.

I appreciate all the effort you’ve invested

trying to achieve your goals.

I’m glad we’re here together because

I can help.  



Client: You can?

Thank goodness.




Coach: The how is going to involve a bit of finesse,

but let me assure you that

I've had success with other clients  

who thought they had tried everything

and were pursuing similar goals,

so I'm confident we can see results together.




Client: Okay, but I have tried everything

so what are we going to do different?



Coach: Good question.

We’re going to approach this different

than you have in the past.

Instead of adopting a pre-set program

and trying to mold your life around it,

we’re going to carefully create strategies

that fit in your life so you find it far easier

to stay consistent and we can start seeing results.

Does that make sense?



Client: Yes, but how are we going to do that?



Coach: In the past, you’ve tried to change everything

at once when you’ve adopted a particular approach.

And although your efforts were well intentioned,

those huge changes made it difficult to sustain.

With our Behavior Coaching system,

we’re going to aim at the minimal effective dose,

adjusting just a few key behaviors

so we can get the results you want

without having to change everything in your life.




Client: That sounds way better.

With those other approaches,

I was just will powering my way through them.



Coach: And to go one step further,

The strategies that we do implement together will

be aligned with your personality, your environment,

and your natural tendencies so you find

consistency is far easier and more enjoyable.

That way we’re not constantly putting willpower to the test.



Client: That sounds way better.

How do we get that started? 



Coach: That’s our next step.

We want to build on what you’re already doing,

so let’s start by reviewing your current lifestyle

and then we’ll make targeted adjustments from there.

Does that sound good?



Client: Yeah, it does.

If I can get results without

turning my life upside down, I’m in.



Coach: You can and I’m happy to see that enthusiasm.

Let’s get to it.








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