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Kayla Fallis Tucker Certified Personal Trainer

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Kayla Fallis Tucker

Kayla Fallis has a B.S. in Exercise and Movement Science from Missouri State University. As a lifelong runner and former D-1 athlete, Kayla developed an interest in athletic training while training herself to improve her performance.

Before joining the Evolved team, Kayla worked at The Meyer Center in Springfield, Missouri, where she helped lead exercise classes for patients with Parkinson's Disease.

Kayla enjoys helping clients feel better through fitness, whether it's physically or mentally. At Evolved, Kayla works with clients one-on-one and teaches Small Group Training classes.

“I enjoy pushing clients to be there best and reach limits they didn't think they had. I love helping clients feel better than when they first came in – whether their body feels better or their mood is boosted.” – Kayla

Other interests include running, baking, gardening.

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